November 29, 2023


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

“We’re riding off the benefits of our smart implementation of the few things we did right”

The irrepressible Guilherme Cramer has been an ever present presence in the FF1M paddock since the series inception. Known for his forthright opinions, his relentless passion for motorsport and his acerbic sense of humour the Brazilian embarked on a new project for the new season of FF1M, a new team and identity.

The new team Sean Connery Motorschhh hit the ground running in Melbourne with a podium finish and then won its first race at Cramer’s home event in Interlagos last time out. sat down with the Brazilian on the lead up to the American Grand Prix at Long Beach to talk about the result in Brazil, his new team and plans for the future.

FF1M – Congratulations on Sean Connery Motorshh first victory and it coming at your home Grand Prix, how are you feeling?

Gui Cramer – Thank you, thank you. I am very surprised and pleased with the result. I understood we’d go for a 1-stopper to try to compensate for the car pace and bank on reliability, but was weary given the extra fuel load on both stints compounding with tire wear to make it actually work.

FF1M – We’re two races into the season now, and in both races your team has been fighting at the front, have you had to reassess your targets for the coming year?

GC – I think a top 4 is still the more realistic option. Our testing suffered a lot from unbalanced driver performance and we’re riding off the benefits of our smart implementation of the few things we did right, and Nico maximizing his chances while other drivers haven’t amassed enough experience to surpass us. As the season continues and the next round of testing takes place, we should drop a little more while Pedersen’s boys and Alonso improve.

I think until then, maybe for the next 4 races, Nico will get the most he can out of the car and points. Melbourne proved to be one of our best possibilities for outright result and Interlagos started to stretch our ability. So we will basically be at the calendar’s mercy and pitstop strategy to do well. The Honda customers should surge at some point and Ricciardo should be helping Tornado a great deal as they cement their favoritism as he gets podiums.

FF1M – A lot of people were surprised when you decided to leave Gui Racing behind for this season, can you go into the reasons for this?

GC – Things were extremely stale for way too long and it was more of a bother than a fun thing to remain engaged. It was participation to help the numbers. The reason why Sean Connery Motorsshhhhhhhh got promoted to the top team was to remove that forced engagement, to take it all with a relaxed attitude. If technologies and other rules get out of hand, whatever. If they don’t, then great for the series. Going into the next season, the mandatory FF2M entry shall be a junior associate of SCM (which has been promoted in the Cramer ranks) and we shall announce it first-hand here: MacLeod Racing.

FF1M – Are you regretting this decision given your success so far this term?

GC – Nah. This pre-season already went very different to plan where we were pursuing things completely different to people’s assumptions but our hand was forced with the team. The name will always be around even with SCMsshhhhh. The history of Gui Racing is secured in the series, the only rectification I want to see is the 1988 season properly documented. That is the one season that truly matters for a multitude of reasons.

FF1M – Can you go into those reasons?

GC – (because the 1988 season was done out of order…) it was Ayrton Senna’s last season in FF1M (to date) and after many years slaving away at my other (main series) car, developing the engine and not getting the results he deserved he was the class of the field in that season and clinched the title with a victory at the last race.

FF1M – Thanks for taking the time to chat to us and good luck at Long Beach and for the rest of the season.