May 27, 2022


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Weekend schedule to be shaken up for 2016

During a meeting with team principals yesterday at the Hockenheim circuit the AFIA announced its intention to change the Grand Prix schedule for the upcoming 2016 season.

Under the proposal next season’s practice sessions will change. FP1 will remain on Friday and will be extended to one hour but will be otherwise unchanged. FP2 however moves to Saturday morning and will be reduced to thirty minutes. Practice 2 will be essentially a Qualifying warm-up with teams having limited development options, additionally only drivers participating in the Grand Prix will be able to participate.

With the changes to the practice sessions the areas of development allowed are set to change. One proposed change will be splitting the set up area into “Qualifying” and “Race” set up.

Outside of practice, Qualifying will also be changed, reverting to the previous 12 lap limit as under the current rules drivers would run out of fresh sets of tyres midway through the session leading to an anti-climatic result.