February 22, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

FF2M Asia adds new tyre rules for 14/15 season

Teams will be able to choose from two tyre compounds in the forthcoming FF2M Asia series it was announced by the AFIA today.

Under the new tyre rules teams will be allocated one set each of the Hard and Soft Pirelli tyres at each event with teams having to choose which of the compounds to use in the Feature Race, and which to use in Qualifying and the Sprint Race.

As in FF1M the difference between the two sets of tyres will be purely performance based with both compounds able to complete a full race and qualifying.

In addition to the new tyre rules the AFIA confirmed that the rules regarding the required pit stop in the Feature Race have been amended so that they may only take place within a ten lap window in the middle of the race.

Should both of the above rule changes be a success it is expected that they will be used in the regular FF2M season in 2015 also.

FF2M Asia is FF2M’s off-season series taking place on exclusively Asian circuits with teams required to field at least one driver from “non-traditional” motorsport nations. The 2013-14 season was won by Fabio Leimer driving for the Ajay Motorsports, whilst perennial front-runners Spaniel took their seventh Teams championship crown, their fifth in a row.

The 2014-15 FF2M Asia Season begins in Macau in November.