June 22, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Exolite cleared after post-race investigation

Fernando Alonso keeps his 2nd place from the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix after Exolite were investigated for a potential breach of the sporting regulations.

According to article 13.1a, “no team boss shall quote a certain piece of commentary or they could face disqualification.” Two teams have fallen foul of this rule in the past; Dodgem were disqualified from the 1991 German Grand Prix, and Gui Racing had their constructors points stripped from the 1997 Australian Grand Prix, although additional reasons were given such as the breach of article 13.1b where “no team team shall post pictures of Sean Connery in a mankini or they could face disqualification.”

Exolite were cleared after James Whiteley’s imitation was interrupted during the commentary of the Hungarian Grand Prix when Valtteri Bottas claimed his first ever FF1M win, and therefore wasn’t able to quote James Allen in full. As a result, Alonso keeps his 8 points and remains 5th in the drivers championship.

Elsewhere, Horizon’s Adrian Sutil and Tornado’s Jean-Eric Vergne both received stern reprimands for hitting stationary cars under yellow flags during the race.