June 16, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

CBA Racing replace Exolite

On the eve of testing it has emerged that CBA Racing will take over operations of the Exolite FF1M team with immediate effect following the disappearance of Exolite team boss James Whiteley.

CBA Racing sensationally won the 1993 FF1M Season at their first attempt with outsider Alessandro Zanardi and will hope to repeat this achievement in their first season in the series proper.

The team inherits the contracts of Tomas Gonzalez and Kimi Raikkonen and a Megatron engine supply.

Meanwhile it is understood that there are worries in the paddock regarding the absence of Whiteley with many suspecting that Shake n Bake and Megatron boss Courtney Cass may have been trying out some new BDSM toys from team sponsor lovehoney and accidentally lost the key.