May 23, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

“My car would probably be fast with a Lawnmower engine in it”

Last week spoke with Shib Akariki of Toyota Fantasy Racing Development about the manufacturers struggles so far this season. In the wake of this interview we sat down with outspoken team boss Joe Mitchell of the Mitchell team at Hockenheim this weekend to discuss the season.

FF1M : It’s fair to say it’s been a disappointing season for the team?

Mitchell : Yes that would be fair to say. I have one of the best drivers in FF1M in Nico and to be battling at the back of the grid is very disappointing.

Before pre season testing I was really confident after securing a works engine and then testing happened and I quickly realised we were in trouble, we lacked straight line speed and engine power so I knew then this would be a lost season.

FF1M : You’ve found yourself in something of a war of words with your engine manufacturer Toyota who recently gave an interview regarding your comments referring to them as a lawnmower engine, do you have anything to say in response?

Mitchell : I think everyone who is involved in, watches or even has heard of FF1M knows that I am not happy with product that has been delivered by Toyota.

We paid extra for a works engine and what we have been delivered is an engine that is slower than most of the customer engines, plain and simple Toyota did not deliver what they promised and what I paid for.

About my Lawnmower comments are they harsh, yes they are but the simple fact is my car would probably be fast with a Lawnmower engine in it.

I know Toyota are leaving the sport and I am getting a lot of the blame for that but the fact they are pulling out clearly shows they have no idea what they are doing and are running scared so Toyota I will see your Candy Asses in court.

FF1M : You’ve made changes to your team recently, bringing in Nick Heidfeld to replace Jaime Alguersuari, can you explain your thoughts regarding this?

Mitchell: There are two reasons behind my decision one is that I think having Jaime in FF2M will aid his development as our car is not competitive where as my FF2M car is so he will gain more wheel to wheel racing experience from that than just pottering about at the back of the field.

The 2nd reason is I have always been a big fan of Nick and after a conversation in which he revealed this year will be his last I felt he had earned the right to retire racing in FF1M not FFeM.

FF1M : As we approach the end of the season and the silly season what are your thoughts of the future of your team?

Mitchell: The future is bright for us I am in negotiations with a couple of engine suppliers at present and I am very confident we can get a good engine and we are making great progress with next years car already.

We have now partnered with Monster Energy which is a massive positive as we both have the ultimate goal of FF1M domination so the future looks really good.

All I have to say is watch out FF1M as the Mitchell Monster is going to run wild on you!!