February 24, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Gojira change livery for final flyway frolics

In what comes as a shock move, Gojira AS has completely changed their team livery.

After obtaining approval by the AFIA in a fierce, behind the scenes battle, the Nipponzilian team will be debuting what was supposed to be their 2014 livery already in the 2013 season. Previously already heavily sponsored by Sega, the outfit now features even more of their car with Sega-branded logos, most prominently the Sega Saturn. Some sources in the paddock say this was the losing outcome of a power struggle as some teams pushed the AFIA for new chassis developments for the 2014 season, meaning Gojira’s already-set sponsorship deal would have been in danger due to the reasonably different chassis design. In an effort to satisfy their commercial deals, Gojira fast-forwarded the new livery’s release, much like Sega pushed forward the Sega Saturn’s release back in 1994 by six months.

Rumours also point to some snickering by rival team owners, with one going as far as, reportedly saying, “Ha! They’re pushing their Sega livery out early? I might just get even more Sony Playstation backing to crush them! Like how Sega failed back in the day, so will Gojira!” When asked for comment, Gojira team boss Cramer refused to comment while his PR manager, Mussum The Bear, shared some words: “The Sega Saturn was a commercial success in Japan and had one of the best looking designs of all time! We’re going to bring that style and ‘ahead of its time’ performance to the FF1M grid!” It is believe the car will also feature Segata Sanshiro, a kimono-wearing, judo-flipping master who shattered his enemies as the system’s mascot.

How will the Gojira outfit finish the 2013 season and fare in 2014 is anyone’s guess. Will they re-write history or succumb to it?