May 21, 2022


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

All engine partnerships confirmed for 2014.

As the 2013 FF1M season approaches its final quarter, preparations for next season are well underway with all teams announcing their engine partnerships, including the customer teams.

Once the five teams had accrued manufacturer status, it was left to the remaining six teams to purchase their engines, and the most popular appeared to be Gojira’s Mugen engine, with Pedersen, Mitchell, and GRM purchasing Guillerme Cramer’s powerplant.

AndrewF1 have opted for Shake ‘n’ Bake’s Megatron engine, Exolite have purchased Willows’ Ilmor engine, while the last to declare purchase their engine, Horizon, have rather aptly gone for Tornado’s Climax engine. This leaves FJR running the Judd engines exclusively.

No-one was tempted by the AFIA-spec Cosworth engine, although it will be available free of charge to customer teams who wish to terminate their engine contract mid-season.