May 23, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

AFIA announce new tyre suppliers and rules

Firestone and Goodyear will supply tyres from the 2017 FF1M Season it was announced today.

The American tyre marques will each supply a maximum of six teams, developing a Medium compound and Soft compound tyre, whilst building a spec Hard compound tyre which will not be developed. As with the current specification the Soft tyre will have the greatest range and potential for mistakes whilst also being potentially the fastest, whilst the Hard tyre will be a super consistent tyre with no added range or error chance. The medium will be positioned between the two. All teams will share development of the tyres through practice sessions and pre-season testing.

The way teams use the tyres will also change. From 2017 each team will have access to Twelve sets of tyres for each round. Four of each compound. Four sets of one compound will be reserved for the race and warmup, Four of a different compound for Saturday Practice and Qualifying, and Four of the final compound for Friday Practice. Teams will not be able to mix and match between sessions. As tyre development can only take place in Practice and testing, this means that teams will have to choose whether to develop a compound during a weekend at the expense of using it in the race or qualifying.

As part of the entry period teams will rank the two tyre manufacturers in order of preference and will be assigned accordingly.