June 16, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Willows launch 2013 at Silverstone

Silverstone, Northamptonshire – Willows took to the track to launch their 2013 car with new drivers 2006 World Champion Nico Rosberg alongside 2012 race winner Daniel Ricciardo.

“It’s new approach with a different looking car compared to last year so feelings are good.” Willows said to assembled press. “Last year, it was our rookie year and we did better than what we expected, obviously I feel the car had more potential but bad luck and reliability was our concern, thankfully towards the end of the year, we seemed to have the quickest car so I hope that continues and we can get the number 1 back on the car.”

About his two new drivers “I’m feeling confident, you know of course it was sad to lose our 2 drivers from last year especially Fernando who got the 5 wins we accumulated last year but you know in return we have 2 drivers who proved a lot last year. Daniel is an up and coming talent, finished runner up last year and appears in my eyes that he could be a future world champion and hopefully he can achieve in our car and Nico, he was able to give Lewis last year a run for his money, of course he missed out on the title but he proved that he can still challenge, he is a former World Champion having won it in 2006 so we hope that we can give him a package that will give him a 2nd world title as he hasn’t won it for 7 years now”

About rumours of a radical new design “Yeah so we originally planned to launch a radical design for 2013 (above) but there were complications with getting it on the track and we didn’t confident we could fix the issue, so we went with a different design plan and we are still pretty happy with how the car that we have launched has turned out.”

When asked about the teams unreliability last term “I think all areas of the car will be a focus including the reliability, we obviously need to address the consistency which dogged us last year, but towards the end of last year, the car was the quickest. It was a shame the pace came late but we hope to continue that into 2013 and fight the world championship.The fact we had a quick car last year, combined with the works backing of Mercedes should give us that opportunity to do that in our 2nd year.