June 12, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Shake n Bake Chairman responds to Tornado’s article – upsets Furry Community

Following the release of the much enjoyed 2015 Silly Season Review article by
Tornado’s Tobias, which included some jovial references to Shake N Bake’s financial
situation and aero development, Shake n Bake team chairman Fredro Fwibbib took
to Twitter to respond to the article, in what one onlooker described as “a nonsensical
tirade of verbal diarrhoea”

Fwibbib stated that “aero is for wussies anyway”, and claimed that, despite the
respective teams’ engine budgets being published by the AFIA, the Megatron engine
was still the superior PU on account of it “having a cooler name”.
In a now deleted series of tweets, Fwibbib said:
“Who even calls their engine “Climax” anyway?…it’s just immature. You would never
see anyone in the Shake n Bake team engage in such schoolyard antics. Right from
team boss Mr Cass, all the way to through to the team’s logo designer, the Shake n
Bake team is a shining beacon professionalism.”

When one twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy of this statement given the team’s
affiliation with adult toy company LoveHoney, Fwibbib responded:
“We are partnered with this brand in order to help promote sexual positivity and
acceptance of all types of fetishes between consenting adults to the wider
community. I want a help create a world where everybody is accepted for who they
are and what they enjoy…”

This statement brought the whole twitter community together in a rare moment of
agreement and togetherness, with everyone agreeing to put down their metaphorical
pitchforks and get on with their day. That was, until Fwibbib added:
“…apart from Furries, who must have been dropped on their head when they were

Attempts to cancel Fwibbib are currently being made by activists within the Furry
community, with one twitter user by the handle @knucklesmyechidna describing the
statement as “an abominable insult to my herd”

In order to make amends for this statement, Fwibbib and the Shake n Bake team are
understood to be organising a promotional event of LoveHoney’s “DOMINIX Animal
Tail” series, with Fwibbib and 2nd Driver Daniel Ricciardo expected to play a central
role in the product demonstrations.