May 23, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Senna replaces Buemi at Tornado

Current FGT3 Series championship leader and Tornado test driver Bruno Senna will replace struggling Sebastien Buemi from the British GP it has now been confirmed.

The move does not come as a major shock as Buemi has been outperformed throughout the current campaign by teammate Jean-Eric Vergne. The Frenchman has scored Tornado’s only points to date in what has been by far the team’s toughest season since 2005. In addition to this, Buemi has been out-qualified by his team mate in all nine races so far.

Tornado team principal Tobias commented. “We are proud to announce the Senna name is returning to the grid from Silverstone. It’ll be a great opportunity to showcase his talent that got heavily bogged down in the Pedersen last year. With his fantastic performances so far in FGT3 and his many laps already behind the wheel of our 2014 car will serve him well. Hopefully we can now have two cars featuring in the points from here on.”

Tobias added, “In relation to Sebastien, we always knew it was going to be a tall order for him to get on level terms with JEV. However, like I just mentioned, he has performed below our own expectations. We expected by this point in the year he’d be giving JEV a run for his money.”

“This simply hasn’t materialised in the way he had hoped and only having one car scoring points is simply unacceptable for a team of our previous success.”

“Therefore, he will be swapping duties with Bruno Senna who will partner JEV for the foreseeable future. Sebastien will join our young protege Tomas Gonzalez for our test programme.”

Tobias was seen having a meeting with Liam Neeson after the race at Road America where Buemi threw away a great opportunity to score his first points of the year.

After what had happened during the 2007 season with Gianmaria Bruni on the receiving end of Neeson’s ‘very particular set of skills,’ some members of the paddock were concerned for Seb’s safety.

Since then, Neeson apparently spared the Swiss driver when allegedly ‘confronting him’ at a nightclub in Montreal. One onlooker overheard the pair claiming Neeson telling Sebastien after a small scuffle, “On behalf of Tobias, I may have further use for you.” 

Many figures in the FF1M paddock believe that this may have been the ‘best possible outcome’ for Buemi as a younger less patient Tornado team boss may not have been so patient and generous that may have resulted in a similar outcome to that of Bruni.

There is also a lot of buzz around the paddock regarding the potential for Tomas Gonzalez to make his FF1M debut sooner or later once he has acquired the necessary amount of Super License points in FF2M to be eligible to race with the big guns, thus making Senna’s comeback potentially short-lived. However, Tornado are rumoured to favour Tomas’ FF2M title campaign rather than potentially rushing the young Argentine in the car at the earliest opportunity.

Team boss Tobias had one last comment to make. “We haven’t had a great year in terms of showcasing our potential but we do have the facilities and resources to pull through this difficult period and get back to the front. We have more to come for sure. watch this space.”