May 24, 2022


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Tornado kick-start 2015 silly season with Gonzalez promotion

In addition to today’s earlier driver swap, Tornado are continuing to grab the headlines. In the past hour, team boss Tobias has confirmed their young protege Tomas Gonzalez will become a full-time FF1M driver for 2015.

The 19 year old Argentine driver from Buenos Aires was thrilled to hear of his promotion. “I am very very happy to be a part of Tornado’s FF1M team! Ever since I first joined before FF3M, I had very little doubt this is my best option at becoming world champion. Tobias has been very supportive towards me all this time and today’s announcement has only just strengthened that bond. I hope we can achieve great things.”

Tobias commented regarding the announcement.

“We are very pleased to announce the signing of Tomas Gonzalez. He has been massively impressive in FF2M where his late season appearances in the Asian championship helped propel the Spaniel team to yet another FF2M title. He’s also continued this stunning form not only in the European FF2M but also in driving our FF1M challenger on the Fridays, he’s been fantastic in showcasing his potential.”

“In the end it was a no-brainer of a decision to promote Tomas for 2015 and to have some form of certainty which is what we lacked going into the current season. We very much look forward to seeing him in the near future during the course of a whole FF1M weekend. Everybody in the Tornado camp wishes this to be the start of a long fruitful relationship with our new young hope.”

Generally speaking, this has been a long time coming with what has been a dark season for Tobias’ team and the arrival of Tomas Gonzalez may well be the light they need to get through the tunnel. The news will definitely be an eye-catcher for Tornado’s current race drivers Jean-Eric Vergne and recently promoted Bruno Senna who will both be vying to grab the other Tornado seat alongside Gonzalez next year.