July 19, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Pirelli confirm new tyre compound for 2015

FF1M tyre supplier Pirelli today confirmed that a new softer compound of tyre will be introduced from the start of next season with teams getting their hands on the new rubber at the young driver test at Interlagos in November.

Pirelli tyre guru at large Dr Phillipa New-Matic confirmed that “From 2015, the 2014 Hard tyre will be withdrawn whilst the Soft and Medium compounds will become the Medium and Hard respectively. No changes to those compounds will be made and therefore teams will be able to continue to use the understanding of those tyres that they have built up this season.”

“The new soft tyre meanwhile will require all teams to dedicate time to fully understanding its intricacies with the new compound aimed to be up to half a second quicker than last years soft compound” New-Matic continued. “Teams will be able to start gaining understanding at the young driver test in Interlagos where all teams will run throughout the day on the new compound.”

The press conference was halted numerous times as Dr New-Matic, a former star of the Pirelli calendar, was forced to remind male journalists to refrain from staring at her chest, eventually losing her patience and throwing a large book of scientic theories on air pressure in the direction of AFIA lawyer-on-the-scene Hugo Largetrousers who is thought to have jumped through a window in avoidance, though its also possible he’d spotted an ambulance to chase after passing by.