June 12, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Ilmor announce withdrawl from FF1M

The Willows team will seek a customer arrangement for the 2017 FF1M Season after Ilmor announced they will not continue in the sport.

“We have decided to end our partnership with Ilmor and want to be a customer team for 2017.” Team boss Joseph Willows announced following today’s United States GP. “As a team we feel what is happening this season with the team is not going to be salvageable and feel that being a customer to an established engine manufacturer will allow the team to find its feet again.”

When asked how he felt about the team’s current struggles Willows stated “It’s been pretty sad seeing the team going from Constructors Champions to trundling around at the back.” before pouring out a short of premium strength Kopperberg.

The AFIA have already announced that five engine manufacturers have signed up for the 2017 season so it remains to be seen who will fill the fifth slot vacated by Ilmor. This should be announced in the coming days as entry for the 2017 season opens following the next race in Spielberg.