June 22, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

GRM swap Mugen for Megatron in 16

GRM boss Statto today confirmed that the team will move from Mugen engines to Megatron powertrains in 2016.

“Mugen and the team have had a good relationship over the years but we decided to mutually end our agreement” Team principal Statto commented, and was quick to assure media that “we are of course still on good terms.”

When asked about his thinking regarding the decision to switch to Megatron he confirmed that they had been “in discussions for a while” and “eventually agreed to work together for the upcoming season”.

GRM’s 2015 season has seen the team struggle for pace in qualifying, but has led to some heroic drives from team leader Valtteri Bottas including a podium finish in Mugello and a heartbreaking retirement from a winning position in Estoril.