June 16, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Exolite promises explosive 2016 with Megatron engines

Exolite boss James Whitely promised there will be fireworks in 2016 with his team switching to the Megatron engines for the forthcoming campaign.

Whilst this has largely been attributed to the Megatron engine’s win or bust nature a paddock insider hinted that all was not as it seemed. “We only signed with Megatron because Courtney…”,head of Megatron’s Munter Department, “Cass threatened to show the world some pictures of a recent Exolite ‘Team Bonding’ exercise”.

The exercise in question saw “several high ranking Exolite team personnel in PVC clothing and gimp masks massaging Lewis Hamilton’s…”. The insider was called away at this point but at FF1M.co.uk we can only assume they meant his ego after the team’s poor start to the season.