April 16, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Ricciardo hopes to reinvent career at Andrew Racing

For Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo the 2015 FF1M Season cannot come soon enough after he has secured his future in the sport at Andrew Racing following a year of torment at the hands of Shake n’ Bake’s Courtney Cass.

Two seasons ago it felt like Ricciardo had made his big break in the sport, joining Tornado in a class leading car, taking victories at Britain and Hungary, only to be unceremoniously dumped at the end of the season. What followed was an unspectacular year at Willows, and then the nightmare of 2014, with a team principal who refuses to acknowledge his existance.

Ricciardo hopes that will be all in the past though, today announcing that in 2015 he will drive for the Andrew Racing team. “It’ll be tough, but theres hope that it’ll turn around soon” the Australian driver says of joining the team last in the constructors championship. The hope is real though, the team will switch to the powerful Climax engines which have taken two pole positions in customer cars this season.

Ricciardo also states that he is happy to take a leadership role with the team, the pressure of driving alongside world champions like Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Sebsastian Vettel perhaps being too much at this early stage of his career. Instead, next season, he’ll drive alongside a rookie Antonio Felix da Costa, fresh from FF2M. “It’s not been so long since Andrew Racing last won, and im sure if Antonio and I work together we can get the team back up there soon”.