June 16, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Meister looking to focus on the car for potential 2016 success.

After a highly impressive debut season in 2015 where they finished runner-up, Meister’s team boss Laura Chung had time for a few words with FF1M’s lead commentator James Brickles at the car launch for the German team’s sophomore season.

Q: First of all, hearty congratulations on an impressive first season in the main FF1M series. How would you summarise 2015 for the Meister team?

A: I feel like 2015 went better than we expected for our debut season.

Q: Were you expecting to be as competitive as that right from the start?

A: We were hoping to be in the midfield, but were greatly surprised to be running for wins and podiums.

Q: You’ve kept both Raikkonen and Massa for 2016 as well as the Climax engine that took you to 2nd in the championship. Can you and your drivers repeat the success?

A: We have some great drivers and an amazing engine. We just need to focus our efforts on the car to lead ourselves to success.

Q: Which of the other teams do you see as your biggest rivals for this upcoming season?

A: We don’t have a specific team in mind but there some teams we have paid close attention to.