July 15, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Lee tops season ending test

Australian Cooper Lee set the fastest time of the day as teams wrapped up their 2013 running at the FF1M Young Driver Test this afternoon.

Lee set a time marginally faster than the benchmark set by Tornado’s Tomas Gonzalez in the morning session as the teams switched out their veteran 2013 engines for the complex 2014 power units.

The times were much closer in the afternoon session with the top 10 covered by just over a second but the gap between the engines is sure to grow over the winter months and it will be interesting to compare where they are in Melbourne next March.

Behind Lee, FF3M championship winner Genjo Tse was one who definitely enjoyed the switch to the 2014 units finishing the session in second place, after switching from the current seasons Honda engine to the new Climax powertrain.

Morning leader Tomas Gonzalez, also running a Climax engine, dropped from 1st to 3rd in the afternoon and was one of only two runners, with Alfonso Celis, to lap slower with the 14 unit. Though this is perhaps not surprising given that both Gonzalez and Celis were using the class leading Ferrari engine in the morning session.

The 2013 cars will now fly back to their factories to become museum pieces and demonstration vehicles whilst the teams prepare their all-new 2014 models for the business of motor racing next spring.