June 12, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Kimi Raikkonen and Gojira AutoSport clinch the 2013 FF1M championships

In an exciting race, outstanding Kimi Raikkonen and Gojira AutoSport clinch the 2013 FF1M championships! After capitalizing from pole position and well-timed strategy, the Finn didn’t leave it to chance as he took the checkered flag by nearly ten seconds over second placed Sebastian Vettel. Gojira AutoSport also set a new FF1M record for Constructor Championship points! Or at least I think so, I am not that great of a reporter yet and haven’t done my research. (Editor’s note: The Bear is mistaken)

After losing P1 to Robert Kubica at the start of the race, Kimi Raikkonen kept a steady pace to stay close to the leader while opening a gap to the cars behind. Meanwhile, Romain Grosjean needed to overcome a reasonable hill (not a mountain because of his skill and quality of the car) to put himself in contention for the Drivers’ Championship or at least give TornadoF1 the edge in the Constructors’. After the first round of pitstops, Raikkonen was looking comfortably quick and it was only a matter of time until he took the lead – which he did emphatically. With no reliability-related retirements so far, it was looking like everything would be decided on the track – unlike my newly negotiated FF1M reporter salary bonus! I might be getting one of those so-called “Sega Saturns” I saw advertised on Gojira’s car. It should be top of the line, next-gen stuff!

Further at the back, Vergne was putting a silent performance as he lingered just ahead of Pérez at the end of the points paying positions. Given TornadoF1’s advantage over Gojira, this was another race to watch – albeit quite boring if compared to the five drivers ahead, who at different times during the race held different positions, shuffling around with on track passes and strategic pitstops. While Grosjean was hoping to make ground and reach Raikkonen, Raikkonen and team hoped that Alonso and Vettel would put enough of a buffer between the TornadoF1 and Gojira drivers. However once Grosjean took third, he didn’t waste the opportunity and got on a charge to reach Vettel.

As the final round of pitstops concluded and the laps began winding down, it became clear that Raikkonen was dictating the pace and the title was decided. Kubica – former driver of an earlier iteration of Gojira – was no longer able to keep his position but new second place Sebastian Vettel kept just enough pace to not let Grosjean get close enough for a move, especially after Grosjean lost time passing Alonso. Meanwhile, Vergne easily kept Pérez at a distance but could not gain on Jenson Button. Tornado were now just one point behind Gojira and were looking for anything to give them that extra point.

Hulkenberg had some pace but in the end, Pérez finished ahead of him by less than two seconds. At the front, Vettel held Grosjean off by a second and a half, thus ensuring Gojira AutoSport were to clinch the Constructors’ title! With emotions high, not all surprises had been revealed yet.

Former FF1M driver Ralf Schumacher appeared halfway through the last lap to take his post with the checkered flag, the legendary German-Brazilian having previously won two races at Interlagos for Gui Racing and given Brazilian citizenship. Clearly emotional as he waved the flag for Kimi Raikkonen, the more famous Schumacher brother was also present at the podium to hand out the trophies for both drivers and team winners, as Gojira AutoSport finally wins the championship and brings itself to the forefront of FF1M once again.

What a season this was for FF1M fans and teams. Grid shake-ups, ups and downs on the tables, accidents, misfortune, fortune, and two championships only decided on the last race. We bid farewell to 2013 and look forward to the new season! Now if you will excuse me, I have to fly back in FJR’s boss and FF1M commentator James Brickles Hunt-Walker’s private jet to take delivery of my brand new, second-hand McLaren F1 back in England. I have no idea how I will be able to drive it given I am a diminutive bear or if I can truly afford it but that is all irrelevant!