February 24, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

Excitement in the paddock as Pre-Season testing gets underway

Pre Season testing begins tomorrow at Motorland Aragon for both FF2M & FF1M and FF1M.com took to the paddock this morning to quiz the teams on their feelings on the eve of the first test.

Last season’s champions Pedersen were amongst the first to comment advising that “We had a really good season last time around so I decided to go for a change this year so new engine and new driver’s. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of the new season and hopefully we have a strong enough package to challenge for a win or two but we will see after testing. Now bring out the coke and ladies lets have a pre season party!”.

Tobias of TornadoF1 was secretive about his strategy for testing, remarking that “If I told you I would be giving away my Master Plan” adding only that he “hopes Valtteri can be a good wingman to Lewis and Daniel”.

Joseph Willows of Willows Racing was more forthcoming exclaiming that these were “exciting times for the team as we prepare for the first time the car will take to the track after two previous failed attempts to enter FF1M.”

“We’re not getting carried away” Willows continued, remarking to FF1M.com that “despite having a Works engine and (reigning Drivers Champion) Fernando Alonso this is basically a learning year for us”.

Meanwhile Evan of fellow newcomers HorizonF1 was direct in claiming that the team felt they were “playing this a lot riskier than other teams” but that “we are putting a lot of faith in our driver” and the team “are planning for the long term and are sure they will deliver”.

Technically also newcomers, but staffed by Gui Racing refugees, Sean Connery Motorschhh were on hand to make sure nobody was left missing the former teams predilection for courting controversy with Press Officer Angus McLeod, long lost cousin of Gui Racing and Mason Motorsport fixture Angus McBarnes commenting that “We want to utterly dominate our opposition, infiltrate their secret communications, sabotage their contracts, and loosen up a gasket here or there. Here, AND there actually.”

McLeod continued to advise that “Upon achieving those results, we plan on expanding to take over the AFIA, and eventually Sony. In between we may also bring to life the Horse & Hound magazine as charmingly introduced by Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Back on topic, we think the Shenmue revival will be huge and will be a key player within our organization’s obj……” before he was led away by men in white overalls.

SCM PR lady at large Pussy Galore later sought to clarify McLeod’s comments, advising that he had “unfortunately been taken ill” but what he meant to say was that testing was “Just one of many stages which teams go through in any given FF1M season’s schedule. And as ever, much like the open seas, the schedule is an angry mistress, not unlike McLeod’s wife. Testing is the opportunity to shrink or increase the gap to the other teams. Often the quality rookie drivers are very few and far in between so early birds – read, “no-lifers” – are able to snatch the rookies who will earn them even more development points, which can be very precious come the in-season test.

“Nobody knows how they or others will perform and testing choices can vary wildly in points received. Which strategy to go is the best part of testing because someone may develop a wildly powerful car and risk either obliterating the field or blowing up in style. But being two cars, maybe one will finish. Or you can be Mr. Reliability and count on those cars who will drop ahead of you, and score strong points. The possibilities are many, including qualifying or aero.

The point is, given we have many races run until the next tests, which are far less days, what we “bet” on is huge. So it will be interesting to see the overall results after the eight days and especially the first two races.”

Joe Mitchell of returning Mitchell-Wurz Racing was more straightforward saying they had “decided to go with a balanced testing strategy with a combination of power, Aero and reliability with slight edge towards race pace which we believe will give us the best package to be competitive at all FF1M race weekends.”

Whilst fellow returnee AndrewF1 added that “We hope to be able to get some good mileage with the car in order to get some meaningful data. With Robin (Frijns) we want to get him aquatinted with both the team and ff1m so we can make so good development to hopefully start the season strongly.

“We also hope to be able to develop a good relationship with Kubica and Renault, both of whom we have not worked with before.”

Finally Statto of GRM advised that the team were “hoping that we can show that we have the pace to be competitive when the season starts”

Testing gets underway tomorrow at 3pm and will be broadcast on Twitch.