June 22, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

AFIA announce successful teams for new FF2M era

Five new teams have been included on the eleven team entry list for the 2017 FF2M Season, the first of an expanded series since the retirement of FF2M Asia.

Skittles Sweet Racing, Goomba Engineering and Tildesley GP join FF2M Asia rookies Monolith Racing System and MedSign7 Racing as new teams on the FF2M roster subject to successful completion of the driver signing process which begins later today.

Gojira2, Spaniel, OLM Racing, ShakenBake Jr, Willows Junior and STV Racing are the six teams which have been retained from the previous campaign. It is understood that Danish Racing Team and LiquiTarget did also submit entries, but have come to an agreement with the AFIA and will be held in reserve in case one or more of the new teams are unable to complete the entry process.

A spokesman for the AFIA advised “We are gratified by a record thirteen entries for the new era of FF2M and unfortunately due to grid size limits we have had to reject entries from some of our old friends.”

It is understood that the AFIA will use the 2017 season of FF2M to evaluate new teams for the eleventh spot on the FF1M grid for 2018 although the AFIA spokesman was quick to point out that “we will also consider the standing and activity of the teams within the community as part of our evaluation”.