May 23, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

AFIA announce budget changes for 2016 season

Engine manufacturers will be able to set their own prices from the 2016 season, the AFIA revealed today alongside a host of other budget tweaks.

The news comes weeks after the entry list for the 2015 season was revealed showing that two engine manufacturers, Judd and Megatron would be without any customer teams for the season.

A paddock insider confirmed that engine manufacturers will be able to set their price at anywhere between 10 and 30 credits per season. Additionally, the cap on spending for an engine will be lowered from 100 credits to 60 credits.

Furthermore understands that from 2016 the budget cap will be lowered from 175 credits to 150, with a single driver’s salary capped at 70. The aerodynamic component of the budget will also be changed to accompany the new technical regulations, details of which are due to be unveiled at the end of the 2014 season.