July 15, 2024


Fantasy Formula 1 Management

FF1M is on break

With the end of the 1991 Classic Season FF1M is going on pause for a while whilst I take a break.

There will still be a few races posted from those series I sidelined to make sure that Classic was ready to go on my birthday week. And the season-ending Macau GP will also be along in due course. But for the moment I do not have any idea when FF1M will return.

Doing FF1M has been exhausting over the past year and doing 10 two hour live streams in the space of a few weeks has been hard. I need a break. At times like this I wonder if I should stop doing FF1M altogether but I know that after a few weeks or a month I’ll be itching to get back to it. But with those races I need to catch up on it may take a little longer than that.

Whatever happens FF1M will return, whenever that may be, and I’m also announcing/confirming that the 1992 Classic Season will take begin in mid-December with an expanded 12 round calendar.